Woodworking Jigs: Accuracy and Safety in the Shop

It isn’t long in your woodworking hobby or adventure that you soon pertain to realize the requirement for woodworking jigs. Your cuts are not real, your holes are not centered and when you go to put the whole job together, nothing lines up right! Oh the magic and gift of woodworking jigs.

Woodworking jigs have great worth and an important place in the workshop along with the house garage. Jigs are utilized to increase accuracy in cuts or hole drilling.They are used to line up series of repetitive cuts so there is no need for continuous resetting of tools or workpieces. Woodworking jigs help increase the total time invested in a job. Last but not least there is the safety concern. Jigs are an exceptional precaution as well, insuring that our hands and fingers are secured or at a safe range away from blades or drill bits.

You can develop lots of woodworking jigs yourself. To me, that becomes part of the enjoyable of woodworking! You can browse your store and decide what jigs you might need for your particular job. Likewise you may think of shop jobs that you perform on an ongoing basis that might become much easier or quicker if only you had a jig. Make a list. Think of all the various situations you discover yourself in while woodworking and I’ll wager you that you can develop rather a big woodworking jig list! Look around wood publications or the Internet for excellent concepts. That search will also jog your memory regarding what scenarios you have actually remained in where a good jig sure would have assisted. I keep in mind doing this as soon as and I spent days, weeks simply making jigs for my store. It was a blast!

There are lots of situations where constructing your own jig would be extremely labor extensive or much to hard to make. In this case you need to seriously think about buying rather of making your own. There are numerous great woodworking jigs on the market for every woodworking scenario. Explore your options and have fun doing it. Isn’t that what woodworking is everything about anyhow?